I am sorry, but we are not taking custom orders at this time. The custom section of our website is closed for a couple of months while we work on our updating .  We need to keep regular orders flowing, and do some much needed maintenance at this time.  We hope you will understand, and will be sure to re open custom ordering when we can. 


Order Form For Custom Wall Decals

Can't find what you are looking for?  Not a problem.  We specialize in custom decals.  Let us make your ideas come to life.

Here are the details on how it works:

The fee for a custom design is $15.00 for home designs and $20.00 for church walls. (Such as mission statements and things unique to your church.) For this fee you are hiring us to design your decal exactly as you want it to be.  Your finished design will not look like we simply typed out a few sentences, but it will be highlighted and created just for you. 

You will choose the size of your decal, and the fonts you would like used.  (Many people select a sans serif mixed with a script font.  (This is what we often do in the ready-made designs.) You will also tell us which if any words you would like highlighted to stand out.  

With your details we will give you a total price for your decal, plus design fee, plus shipping, ($7.00) in an email.  It is is something you want to go ahead with, you will call us with credit card payment over the phone.

Custom orders must be paid for before we begin designing them for you.  This may be difficult for some to understand, but just imagine in the past 4 years how many hours we have spent at the design page to find out that a customer was not a serious buyer, but simply wanted to see what their idea looked like.  Lesson learned.

The price of your decal will depend on how many colors it will be made in, and the size it will finish at.  Our vinyl comes 22.5” wide,and you can expect to pay about a dollar an inch for the vinyl we use off the roll.  (1” x 22.5” equals about 1.00) So if your decal finished at 25” by 22.5” you would expect to pay about 25.00.   

We will get to work designing your decal shortly after it is paid for, and then email you a proof of your design.  You may ask us to make revisions two more times, and see two more proofs.  A total 3 proofs almost always gets the job done, but in those rare occasions of the customer changing their mind, we will need to charge another art fee at that time.  (Be assured this has only happened once or twice in 4 years)  We are good listeners to details, and have great design experience.

Does all this sound exciting?  Fill out the form below to get started, and we will be in contact very soon. 



 Make my decal wider than tall     Make my decal tall and narrow       
 This needs to be one straight line for over a doorway or cupboard     Centered Design with decorative element on top     Non symmetrical design that is just nicely spaced     
 Make my decal all one color     Use two colors on my decal       
 This is a masculine verse     Please use a swirl or swash for decoration     Please use a page rule (line)      

Type the characters you see in the picture above.

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