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Custom Wall Decals A Great Impression

Are you looking for something special that speaks of your mission statement, or life verse?  


We are proud to introduce our friend Lisa Bewley to you.  Lisa is a trained graphic artist and photographer.  She is also the wife of a pastor, and understands the ins and out of church business and the Christian lifestyle better than most.  

Lisa has joined our team at AGI to offer you custom decorated walls, by using her expertise and design flare.  You will love working with Lisa, what a wonderful addition she will make to A Great Impression. 

Custom Wall Decal At A Great Impression by Lisa Bewley

Custom designs cost $20.00 for church walls and $15.00 for home walls.  

The price of your decal will be very similar to those you see on our website.  We charge just about $1.00 per inch of vinyl used off of a 22.5 inch roll.  So if your decal were 50 inches long by 22.5 inches or less tall, you would know that your decal would be about $50.00.  We have been charging the exact same price for 6 year now, and are very reasonable in comparison to other companies.  Please know that each color adds another layer of color to your decal price.

Fill out the form below, and Lisa will get right back to you with a price.  If you agree on price and want to go forward, we will collect your information, write your order up, and get right to work.  You can expect about a two week turn around time from beginning to end.


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