How To Determine Size Needed

Custom Sizing For Your Christian Wall Decals

How To Decide on The Perfect Size For Your Decal

When you look at Vinyl Wall Art appliques the first question that comes to your mind is "Where will I put it?" 

So you look around your home and see blank spots that need something special.  Many people choose to put our appliques over doorways, or over furniture like a couch, or a bed or dining room table.  The possibilities are endless.  

After selecting a vinyl wall applique from A Great Impression, the next question you ask yourself is "What size do I need?"  There are usually 2 or 3 sizes available in most of our wall appliques.  That can get very confusing to people, so I have designed some illustrations to help you out. 

Below is a photo of a wall with a vinyl wall art applique on it from A Great Impression.  The applique measures 24 inches wide by 14 inches tall.  The rectangle around the wall art would not actually be there after you have installed your design, I have set it around this decal to illustrate measuring only.  

The 24 inches represents how wide the applique will be at its very widest part.  Not all of the wording will be 24"wide, only from the furthest left to furthest right.

The same goes for the height.  Most of the applique in this case is not 14 inches tall, only from the bottom to top of entire decal.

Determine what size decal you will buy