What God Has Joined Together, let no one separate vinyl wall decal for couples

Matthew 19:6 What God Has Joined Together Let No One Separate

If you do not pick a color, it will default to white, please make sure of your choice.Metallic Colors Are $2.00 more.
White Vinyl Black Vinyl Light Tan Tan Vinyl Brown Vinyl Light Gray Dark Gray Vinyl looks like butter maize vinyl Brimstone looks like lemon Golden School Bus Color Celedon Green Limetree Green (apple) Kelly Green Vinyl Olive Green Vinyl Dark Green Vinyl Persimmon Orange Vinyl Light Orange Vinyl Nut Brown (rust) Powder Blue Vinyl Ice Blue Vinyl Azure Blue Vinyl Navy Blue Vinyl Red Vinyl Dark Red Vinyl Words Pale Pink Vinyl Pink Vinyl Hot Pink Vinyl Lilac Vinyl Purple Vinyl For Lettering Silver Metallic Metallic Gold Vinyl Metallic Copper Key Lime Pie Geyser Blue (light Aqua) Lavendar Mint Burgandy Turquoise Teal
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This decal measures:

28"w X 11"t

45"w X 18"t

57"w X 22.5"t

  • What a fantastic wedding gift idea
  • Looks wondeful over a bed 
  • Made from our special vinyl that is made exclusively for walls, and will not damage paint
  • No background, the letters are all you will have on the wall when finished
  • Comes pre spaced and with complete install directions.  Anyone can do it, we promise!
  • Application tool and a free practice decal come free in every box
  • Bible quotes are a wonderful way to get God's word into your heart on a daily basis