Ordering Directions

how to order wall decals

Ordering Directions For Our Christian Wall Decals

Stock designs are the ones you see listed on our website, pre designed for you.Here is how to order a stock design that is perfect for your wall:

  1. Measure your wall space, so that you are certian you know what size you will buy.
  2. Select your size and quanity, follow simple directions of the order process.
  3. Make sure that an order confirmation is sent to your email within an hour of placing your order.  If not, something did not go through right, and we do not have your order.  Please try again.
  4. Expect 10 days to receive your pakcaged decals in the mail from USPS priority mail.

Email all questions to:

how to order wall decals


Do you need a size that we do not have listed?
Here is how to order special sized items:
  1. Call us at (860) 358-9007 and tell us exactly what size you wall will need and which decal you are looking at.  While we have you on the phone, we will most likely tell you what the size ratio turns out to be, and be able to give you a price quote for it.
  2. At that time, you can either have us write up your order and collect credit card payment to get it started, or have us write down your quote information and save it until you are ready to order.
  3. Once the decal has been ordered and paid for, expect 10 days to receive it.
Email any questions to:

how to order wall decals

Are you looking or something specific that we do not currently have designed? If so, that is considered a custom order.  We are more than happy to make you excactly what you are dreaming of.  
Here is how custom ordering works:
  1. Decide Fonts that you would like in your decal, or you may tell us of a decal that we have designed that you would like us to model your new decal after.  
  2. Measure your wall and read this article on how to determine a good size for your decal. 
  3. If you are choosing a bible verse, please look up the reference you would like to use, then check spelling and grammar before you type it out for us  You may go to to check your reference (ie King James, NIV, etc.) and information.  
  4. Fill out this questionaire form and give us as many details as you can.
  5. You will hear back from us in 48 hours with a price quote
  6. To finalize your order, you will call us at (860) 358-9007 with credit card payment before any artwork can be created.  
Email any questions to